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Our Mission

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Kiev Airports Map

Brief Information

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is also the largest city in terms of surface area of the country. This city is the 8th largest city in Europe with a population of 2.847.200 according to current data. Kiev, located in the northern of Ukraine and over the Dnieper River, the wonder of nature that runs through Ukrainian territory with 2290kms length.

Although it is known by everyone and used the name "Kiev", the Ukrainian government in 1995, has decided to use "Kyiv" as the name by law. Meticulousness about the name, Ukraine has performed studies regarding the expression of the name of the city in another languages and has issued specific rules.

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Tourism Information

With the influence of a humid continental climate, winter temperatures in Kiev is very low. But this situation did not prevent hosting various civilizations throughout the history and millions of people at this city. It is considered as one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The place is dominated by the East Slavic culture, is not known exactly when Kiev was founded, there are several myths about the establishment. However, it is a proven fact that, predominantly Slav and Khazar people have lived in the city.

kraine is looking for local and foreign investors by specifying that Kiev is an extremely important tourist center. Indeed, when the nature and architecture is considered the state is justified. Today, the city that has a modern look, there are 700 buildings built between 1907-1914. These buildings are in extremely well condition because of protection and they have attracted the attention of historians and history lovers. The buildings that must be seen in the city are; the Ukrainian National Bank Building, the Golden Gate (Zoloti Vorota), St. Sofia Cathedral and St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. Kiev Opera House is a building that fascinates people and magnificent works are exhibited there.

Like the buildings of the city, nature is also beautiful. Clean air, trees and flowers gives peace to the people and offers an enchanting holiday.

For example, Taras Shevchenko Park is a place for those who went to the city to be alone with nature.

You can visit O'Panas Restaurant inside the park located in front of the building Shevchenko University, you can smell the blooming flowers. Nivki Park is among the places worth a visit which houses the cafes and concert area.

Airports of Kiev

There are two airports in the city. The country's largest airport is Borispil Airport, and 65% of the country's air traffic is provided here. It is a member of International Airports Council, it has 4 terminal including 1 VIP terminal. It can serve 2000 passengers per hour and also in case of need terminal E additionally put into service. The other one is the Kiev International Airport. This airport is located in South Zhuliani, built in 1924 and belongs to Kiev municipality. The ultra-modern airport's runway was extended 150 meters in 2013. The number of international passengers arriving in here is increasing every year.

If you want to go to a city rapidly developing, but has not destroyed nature and history, keep old and new together, Kiev could be the right place indeed.


Privileges of Kiev Private Jet Charter Services

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