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    Private Jet Ukraine

    Plures Ukraine-based aircraft leasing company
    Ukrainian and international private aircraft
    leases by our company, 24/7, are performed.

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    Air Ambulance

    Your aircraft is ready for all the airports in Ukraine
    or in the world at any moment.

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Air Ambulance

Plures Air Ambulance Services. We call for air ambulance. We air ambulance services, 24/7, working.

Plane Charter

Plures passenger plane charter services serving throughout the world. Plures provide passenger plane charter options and information.

Cargo Charter

All cargo planes of Earth you are on our website. Cargo aircraft leases can Plures Ukraine and throughout the world.

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Plures Aviation

Plures is an aviation company which operates in international aircraft chartering. Plures air is ready to fly to any locations in the world for 7/24. You can reach us whenever you want directly from our hotline:

24/7 Aircraft Hire Services

As Plures air we can arrange any types of aircrafts. We are ready at your disposal with our jet planes, cargo planes or with planes for group of people or with planes fully equipped for medical transfers. 24/7 Support;

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Feel free to contact us any time you need and we will get back to you within 24 hours.